Recent Notable Projects

Airport Extension Project for FEC Railroad

Completed in early 2012, this project consisted of a new control point, 3 cut sections for cab signaling purposes, crossing interconnection of 15 roads (DAX), and the installation of a grade crossing system consisting of 1 cantilever, and 6 gates.

ICTF -- Port Everglades

Construction is starting in Early 2013 and will consist of a new interlocker with 6 power switches, signaling, and a crossover with 2 lead tracks extending to the new Port Everglades Intermodal Facility to facilitate cargo containers from the port to the main line tracks of the FEC. Project also consists of installing 14 hydra switches in the yard equipped with the capability to control them from the office via an LCP (local control panel) or from the train via a DTMF radio.

Pierre Crossing Project

Completed Mid Summer 2013. Install 8 grade crossings through the downtown of Pierre, SD as part of a state funded program for upgrading grade crossings.