RailRoad Signal Services has been in business for more than 20 years and has worked in almost all of the lower 48 states. We are a signal installation company who thrives on excellence and shows it every day through hard work and consistency. We believe that by implementing a turnkey approach to your signal project, we are relieving you of the burden.

Once you have chosen RRSS to install your project, the pressure is off of you. We can handle everything from beginning to end and guarantee your satisfaction. You will find our company to be one of the most reasonable and competitive companies in the nation. Once we commit to a project, we start by meeting with our customer so that we have a full understanding of what the job entails. Once we understand what our clients needs are, we will provide a turnkey quote. Meaning that the quote submitted by RailRoad Signal Services includes engineering, material, installation, equipment, and the cut-over to put the project in-service.

RRSS crews consist of a supervisor and laborers who are all trained and qualified for on-track safety by the F.R.A. These crews work together to install grade crossing systems, Electrocode, power switches, and also do replacements or upgrades. Railroad Signal Services can handle everything from a turnkey signal project down to maintenance and repairs. Learn more about our crews and equipment.

Contact us today to see how RailRoad Signal Services can meet your needs.